Why Should I Be Excited About… Yak at Patterns – 7/6/2016

Yak are currently, perhaps the best new UK band. This is a ridiculously outrageous statement by all intents and purposes, I know. I realise this, but simultaneously, I’m as stubborn as mule on this. Their debut album, Alas Salvation is released May 13th and it packs all the punch that has made them such a formidable live band. It’s raucous as it blends excerpts from The Vines, The Raconteurs, Cage the Elephant and The Fall. It’s a third post-punk, a third blues and a third psychedelia. It swirls in an unsympathetic circle demonstrating the mercy of the muzzle of a cold blooded killer’s pistol. What they have mastered in this instance is transposing their live sound and placing it perfectly on record too.

Their songs such as ‘Hungry Heart’, ‘Alas Salvation’ and ‘Smile’ have well and truly cemented them as an outrageously interesting live band to watch. Frontman Oliver Burslem waxes lyrical above thundering rhythm sections. His lyrical slurs cut and nosedive through fields of fuzz taking on the demeanour of Mark E Smith with a mouth rammed full of pills.

First on throughout the night are Manchester’s Cabbage. We caught Cabbage at Cosmosis Festival back in March and their frantic live performance captivated us from the off. Expect this to be a night without too much clothing, clad in sweat and soaked in beer. Just the way it should be.

Tickets: £8.80

Check out the bands below:


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