Getting To Know You… DITZ

DITZ, a band hell bent on wrecking your ear a good way.

Ditz are another band in the early days of their promisingly fruitful careers, taking influence from the heavier side of 90s shoegaze, prog-rock and punk. The foursome have crafted the sound in which they wish to follow, and flaunt it impeccably on their only public demo to date, ‘Rupert Grint’, with guitar tones riddled with effects and vocals that inflict goosebumps upon the listener. The boys have perfected the loud-quiet-loud format in their debut track. I for one can’t wait until the boys begin to gig, and with a night in the pipelines playing alongside Hake and Bitch Theme, we are sure to be greeted with an ambush of what the darker side of Brighton has to offer. If the boys work together as a unit, Brighton and beyond is firmly in their hands. With Anton Mocock pulling strings for Ditz and other bands across the seaside city, it won’t be long before the scene in which these bands are creating is a recognizable force not only in Brighton. When asking Anton about the lack of Soundcloud presence, he replied with: “‘cos we don’t agree with that low quality bullshit. Down with Soundcloud.” ‘Rupert Grint’ can be found on both bandcamp and youtube, taking a different approach to releasing music, I caught up with Ditz in order to find out what goes on in the minds of the Brighton Rockers.

Who is in the band:

Anton – yo, I make weird noises with my guitar and organise pretty much everything
Cal –
I play guitar as well and shout when I feel like it
Caleb –
I play bass through all of the effects in GAK
Myles –
first he bangs the drums, then he bangs your mum

How did the band form: 

Cal – me and Caleb had been trying to start a band like this back in Gloucestershire since we met in college but we never had any success until we moved to Brighton for uni. First we met Myles at a shit freshers night at Shoosh and became pals with him, but we didn’t form DITZ until Anton asked us all after we saw Lightning Bolt, Metz and Blacklisters at the Concorde.
Anton – that freshers night was probably the worst in Brighton, I think it was that night when FUR met their drummer, maybe it’s a sign?

Describe your sound:
Anton – shoegazy, noise punk
Caleb – acid hip-hop
Cal –
spacey gloomcore

Songwriting Process:
Anton – one person usually comes up with an idea, posts it on our Facebook chat, go to rehearsal and everyone jams it out until we have a basic structure
Cal – then I’ll take it away for lyrics
Anton – then we jam it out some more until we’re happy

Caleb – everything on MTV, we watch it back to back
Cal – OG post-hardcore/noise rock stuff, like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu, Sonic Youth. Then some contemporary stuff, like Big Ups, Pissed Jeans and Metz
Anton – I think my influences are somewhat different, but it still kind of works, I’d say for me its Girl Band, Crows, Eagulls, God Damn and personal fave, Foals
Caleb – Cloud Nothings have to make it somewhere in there
Cal – oh and maybe some Polvo and Jesus Lizard
Anton – I think that just about covers it

Who calls the shots: 
Cal – that’s kinda an awkward question, isn’t it?
Anton – we’re pretty democratic as a band … I mean, Cal kinda writes lyrics and guitar stuff, Caleb takes care of recordings, I sort out gig, general managing and that kinda stuff and Myles is the “go to” bandmate for general problems
Cal – yeah we all have our roles

Favourite Decade and why:
Everyone – definitely gotta be the 90s
Anton – it just floated everyone’s boat, you had every genre sitting nicely

Best thing about being in DITZ: 
Cal – Getting to make good music
Caleb – that we can make a shit ton of noise and people have to deal with it
Anton – using my homemade guitar with dodgy wiring works out pretty well, the noisier it is, the better

Dream Support Slot: 
Cal – definitely that first Fugazi reunion show!
Caleb – At The Drive-In
Anton – I think Taylor Swift would be pretty sick or Pulled Apart By Horses

Upcoming news:
Anton – we’re recording an EP right this minute and looking to release it in probably mid-late summer, we’ve also got a gig supporting Birdsong in Brixton on 10th June (they’re a pretty sweet band, give them a listen) and should have one in Brighton soon-ish … along the lines of gigs and stuff, I’m trying to sort out a gig with Hake and Bitch Theme and there will probably be more for us to DIY.

Thoughts on the Brighton Music scene:
Cal – Brighton is sick!! I could honestly go and watch a different band every day if I had the money. There’s some bands I’ll go and see every time they play though, like Moon>Sun and Mother Me
Anton – Actually, go see Hake cos they’re pretty sick … and FUR, but I don’t really have a choice in that to be honest! Brighton has some really good nights like Late Night Lingerie, Meet the Sloths and the all-time favourite, Donuts

Words by Will Tavener

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