Why Should I Be Excited About… Camden Rocks 2016


You’re gonna be poppin’ the champagne with Moses as they deliver some theatrics to the music if frontman Victor’s vocals are anything to go by. Exaggerated yet contained, familiar but at the same-time fresh, he and his comrades are still a relatively young band – just over a year old to be precise – and yet in that time they have developed a rough-edged indie sound that doesn’t sound exhausted nor out of place in 2016. If anything this is music that is staking claims to make guitar bands relevant again; containing enough dynamics in their melodies, enough substance in their lyrics and a standard of musical competency that ensures people will be kept tuned in. In reference to Victor’s vocals before-hand, check out single ‘Low’ which is a bruiser of a song and perfectly highlights those paradoxical features I’ve mentioned. The fact they are on the bill before Carl Barat and the Cribs speaks volumes about their current standing in the scene and we are as confident of them just as much as they are, that this is their time to be the jewel in Camden’s vacant crown, or as they would put it ‘a new philosophy is ready to be born, do you like it?’

Catch ‘em at the Electric Ballroom @ 18.45 or at the Black Heart @ 21:00

Black Foxxes

Three piece hailing from Exeter; we caught Black Foxxes at this year’s Great Escape and they were one of our standout acts. As a raucous bunch these guys play very, very loud but imperatively they aren’t afraid to produce the kind of chorus that would be fitting for one of North America’s grander venues. For an exciting peep show ahead of the main event, check out new single ‘I’m Not Well’, a poignant song featuring a vocal that encapsulates feelings of being unsettled, dishevelled and unsatisfied whilst still providing us with a musical tonic that washes these fears away. Playing at the Dublin Castle we’re casting our vote and stating that you should check these guys out ahead of their sets at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festival where their no-holds-barred volume levels will go down an absolute storm, meaning you should see them with this level of intimacy before they are propelled to bigger audiences.

Black Foxxes take to The Dublin Castle @ 17:00

Apeman Spaceman

It’s nice to hear such a band name. We reckon (or hope) it’s a reflection of the group at hand… that the personnel would rather let their music do the talking rather than trying to fulfil any marketing duties or appeal to the masses with some fabricated ‘edgy’ name that says everything but means nothing when you listen to the music. Born out of the ashes of past musical projects (Dogs and Razorlight respectfully), Apeman Spaceman have rose to prominence through a series of demos and releases via Bandcamp, leading them up to the present day where they are about to release their first ‘official’ EP; an truly enticing prospect after we listen and come to the conclusion that these guys know their way around a fret board as well as a studio. Their experience is present in abundance as they seamlessly delve in and out of shoegaze, post punk, new wave and neo-pyschedelia, proving that they have perhaps taken the most inspiring musical foundations from past projects to the fore in order to create new and attractive sounds that appeal to both the young and the old.

Apeman Spaceman are headlining in Dingwalls @ 22.00

The Kut

If you’ve heard about this band the synopsis has probably referenced Hole at some stage, and yes, we can see why i.e they are female and are producing angst-driven music etc. But to make this constant comparison is just plain lazy. So what do we think at Give It Back? Well firstly, let us tell you that their drummer Lauren is going to be majestic to watch, loud and ferocious is her style, but more-so there is a real tight technicality to her fills and rolls which not a lot of drummers can pull off never mind as effortlessly as she does. The guitar playing is succinct and precise with Maha knowing when to riff and when to strip the guitar back to punkesque basics. With tracks off the new EP being performed alongside dangerously grooving riffs like that of older material such as ‘Mario’ (see below), The Kut will take to the stage at midday to kick the festival off in style at Crowndale.

The Kut take on The Crowndale @ 12:00

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind

Jim Jones is back in town with his new project ‘the Righteous Mind’ giving us the type of hedonistic sounds that your alter-ego craves. A seductive brew of rock, blues, thwarting piano lines, pulsating grooves, narcissistic vocals and everything else in between, Jim Jones will undoubtedly tear the roof down. New single ‘Aldecide’ sounds a bit like Tom Waits conducting Arcade Fire with Death In Vegas throwing their bit in every now and then. It is raunchy song that carries some fantastic pop sensibilities with it for all its apparent dark undertones. Bring your mask and your maracas to this one.

Things are going to get chaotic over at the Cuban @ 20:00.


Hailing from Essex, Longy truly sings about working class England. Unlike self-PR-master Noel Gallagher who claims he sang about the working class, Longy’s music genuinely contains musical creditability coupled with fantastic lyrical sentiment and clear messages that serve his cause as a spokesperson for those everyday values, struggles and occurrences. Most definitely a guy who likes to get people talking – #whoislongy – he has showed up on-stage with a marching drum band and a 25 piece choir so expect the unexpected. What we do know is his songs are fantastic and he has a sax player so that’s enough for us to suggest you get down and avoid the disappointment of missing out.

Longy is going to grace Brewdog @ 20:00

Suzie Stapleton

What’s that you hear on the horizon? Yep. It’s those ol’ blues-lovin’, scuzzy tones of Suzie Stapleton. A sound that finds itself caught between the sentimentality of PJ Harvey, spliced with the ethic and rhythm of Band of Skulls. It’s as loud as hell and singles such as ‘Obladi Diablo’ carry faint hints of old whiskey bars in the Deep South of America. The type of venues that still have bloodstained floors from last night’s brawl. Her voice wafts around in a smokey haze and after recent tours with Mark Lanegan, she has built quite the following. Had songs are irrevocably wrapped in emotion, tales of love and loss and adventures into the void.

Catch Suzie Stapleton’s blues husk at Brewdog @ 15:30


Brighton’s Yonaka are up for the day and we cannot recommend you catching these enough. Miss them, and you miss them at your peril. Guitars swing around Theresa Jarvis’s etherial vocals as drums hum underneath. It’s a rollercoaster of tempos, and rhythms as the songs find the best sort of tenderness between riffs. As a sound, it looms around the darker spectrum of pop, there is something sinister about it as a sound however, this ultimately is what leads for such an exciting group. After recent performances at the BBC Introducing stage at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, they have been catching all the right ears.

Yonaka bring the walls down at the Black Heart @ 20:00


Quick fire, to the point rock’n’roll as it should always be remembered. Tapping the pulse of early Kings of Leon with the ferocity of The Sonics, it’s as to the point garage rock as it comes. Their recent singles ‘Necessary Appliances’ and ‘Missing Persons’ add to their quickly build repertoire of singles which includes the likes of ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’, something that captured, angst, desperation and youthful bliss in one swoop. Asylums’ sound bursts out of it’s cage with tempo and vigour, Asylums have struck us as an exciting band as their music is just so outrageously quick. Don’t blink or else they will quite literally disappear into the ether. Fuck it, they’ve already gone since I’ve been typing this.

Asylums lock into the Black Heart @ 17:00

The Pearl Harts

The sinister sounds of The Pearl Harts lunge at you with synchronisation and sharp tongues. The music itself sidesteps around vocals, drums pulsate matching the guitar step for step, toe for toe. It’s compelling to listen to, trying to figure where it goes as it moves with the precision and angular vigour of an alley cat. Strong grooves are wrapped into guitar lines that mimic the likes of Brendan Benson and Josh Homme, blues with a slight unorthodox appeal, something that allows it to stand out. They have recently been on tour around Europe with Garbage so keep your eyes out for these two starlets as they progress through the musical ranks.

The Pearl Harts edge around Belushi’s @ 13:00


Words by Tom Churchill and Robbie Cully



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