Recently formed in late 2015, ‘Germs’ is the first song from the new kids on the grunge circuit. It kicks off with the sonic equivalent of a fist in the face – crunching, murky guitars and animalistic drum rolls that fade away into a creeping, thudding verse.

As singer Edward sighs: “I’ll just give up and go home and spread my germs” – it strikes a wonderful middle ground that sits someplace between brooding 80’s darkwave and the soft/loud cynicism of In Utero era Nirvana: the music sounds as filthy and self loathing as the germs they sing of. He and Lucy sound like a pissed off Win Butler and Kim Deal having a break up duet; in fact they all sound pretty enraged, as the band build it up with sugary harmonies and layers of distortion that works the chorus into a fever pitch. The onslaught never stops as the band rev up the tempo into an intense coda, punctured with guitarist Peter’s shimmering licks which stops so abruptly you may well miss it. There is a clear nod to the scuzzy psychedelia of fellow Brighton brethren The Wytches, the primal aggression of Royal Blood, and also Kagoule and other cracking young alt bands.

They’ll be playing Green Door Store on June the 9th, and you can check them out here at:


– Edward Ensbury – guitar and vocals
– Lucy Sheehan – bass and vocals
– Peter Martin – guitar
– Ollie Tcherno-Ivanenko – drums

Words by Toby Redgrave

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