Andalou – Maxwell Town

The slow, subtle creeping vocals of Maxwell Town are the first hit you get from Andalou, like the cool was of smoke across your face, it clouds your vision and heightens your senses. A cool, Nick Cave fuelled vocal creeps with haunt around loose drums and slippery guitar patterns. As the song breaks out, it lunges forward and backward, retreating slightly and offering salvation with one hand whilst pulling it back with the other. There’s something exceptionally intriguing about this song, it feels as if it should soundtrack True Detective with how it darts from side to side before scurrying backwards. It offers promises of going down different tangents before consistently releasing new sounds, ideas and musicality. Haunting delayed scratching cuts through the centrepiece of the song as vocals spread either side. It’s slightly Dead Weather and slightly Nick Cave utilising glimpses of Massive Attack with it’s lethargic, trip-hop fuelled rhythm. It is completely compelling as a song to listen to. We have seldom heard anything quite like this but nothing has gripped us in this manner either, we cannot wait to catch them around Brighton.

Catch them at:

The Globe – 6/6
The Prince Albert – 26/7

Words by Tom Churchill


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