Team New Band – Freaks

Initially, it brings about a sound reminiscent of Suede, Bernard Butler sounding guitars crash in from the start in a fashion not too dissimilar from their ‘Animal Nitrate’ styled work. As a song, the female lead vocals bring about shimmers of Brit-pop, there’s certainly a fuel within their post-grunge cleanliness, it takes onboard the heaviness of the sound but similarly cuts the fat off the side making for a much more straightforward pop sound.

The interesting use of ‘freaks’ gives a different sensibility to the ethos, it gives it that self-loathing plethora that is synonymous with the work of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker’s tongue in cheek, self-mocking wit. As the song progresses, it expands it’s sound finding home within a Smashing Pumpkins sounding guitar break, explosions of feedback rattle around lethargic drumming patterns. It is an interesting release from the group, it shows plenty of promise and the inclusion of a female vocal adds a baggage of diversity within a music scene that often laps up excessive amounts of masculinity and insecure egos. Certainly a band worth keeping an eye on, it seems they can offer Brighton a breath fresh air. The cleanliness of Maddy Jones’ vocals falls in a vein previously explored by the likes of Kim Deal, there is a punk vigour to it with an angelic overtone.

Catch them at The Hope & Ruin on July 9th.

Words by Tom Churchill


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