Somni – Neodymium

The Brighton based electronic producer is set to return and ‘Neodymium’ is the first flavour of what we can expect from the new LP. The ambient etherial textures that litter ‘Neodymium’ are at once intriguing from the off, held to ransom within swirls of synth and washing reversed sounds, it is music to ponder to for sure. Drifting rhythms wash over you as sounds cut through layers upon layers of noise providing dissonant interjections within the soundscape. It is captivating to listen to as a song and following on from the work with Flux,we are exceptionally excited at Give It Back to see where it will move to in the future.

Enigmatic with the presence on the internet, it is interesting to see how the sound of the music fits in tangent with the social media awareness of Somni. There is something enthralling about the enigmatic presence which surfaces every now and then, releasing gems of music at random points. ‘Neodymium’ has us hooked and we cannot wait to see what is next. Listen to it below.

Words by Tom Churchill

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