Secret Cameras – Secret Cameras EP

With quite a suggestive name such as Secret Cameras, you could be forgiven for thinking of the peeping Tom sentiment behind the idea. Nevertheless, what Secret Cameras have premiered here is their championing of all things pop. In fact, what this EP shows is that pop music has quite a bright future in the musical world they we operate within at the moment. The London based four-piece give little nods towards the likes of Suede with the Bret Anderson croon whilst simultaneously moving towards the 80s with their revitalisation of all things retro-synth.

‘It Doesn’t Matter’ certainly stands out on the EP with it’s riveting tempo and chorus that holds the kick of a mule. Tension is built throughout the song as frontman Itamar pushes his voice with the grit of chewing gravel, it is the bite that it holds as a song that really allows it to flourish. ‘It’s Never Over’ is a delicate take on affairs, it burns like an ember as opposed to the previous songs that shout louder than anything else – the delicate take on affairs is an interesting side-step for the group and with the tenderness it poses the challenge as to how they draw intrigue to it. As it builds and swells, you desperately want it to hit the climax, it struggles though to find an ending which was perhaps the slight disappointment.

Asides from that minor factor, the rest of the EP is largely a success, ‘Beautiful’ utilises an array of interesting sounds that build glimmers of curiosity and haunt, ‘When This Ends’ acts as a solidifier for the album, cementing it as an EP. Perhaps the irony was intended by placing it as the final track and as it develops as a song, it has hard not to ignore the Berlin-era Bowie moments. It’s a wonderful effort from Secret Cameras.

Words by Tom Churchill

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