Why Should I Be Excited About… King Lagoon’s Flying Swordfish Dance Band – The Haunt, 1/7/2016

As Summer rears it’s beautiful head and gets stuck in, what can smell a better sense of anticipation than King Lagoon’s fuse of African and South American rhythms and melodies. What comes out the other end is something so potent, powerful and riveting that it is likely to enhance every single sense of yours for the entire evening. A full show co-ordinates an evolving palette of smells, lights, smoke, ‘exploding-star’ balloons and an actual swordfish that flies through the air, obviously the main attraction comes within the lucid and elevatory music that is your translucent passageway to a utopia. The creation of aromas through the burning of oils and incense, pulverising fruit and boiling herbs combine with the colourful and detailed music-synced projections to create a hypnotic and immersive spectacle.

Rebel Stone are becoming one of the most exciting new promoters in Brighton and testament to this, they have joined forces with this exciting talent on the 1st of July. In support comes Son Guarachando who are one of the finest portrayers of Latin music working on this side of the Hemisphere. They are fronted by vocalist Adriana Lord from Havana Cuba, who has been active on the Havana scene for well over a decade. Ensure you do not miss this exciting performance either.

Tickets: £11

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