White Room – Live – The Hope and Ruin, 21/5/16

‘When the ice starts to melt and the voices are calling’ belted out frontman Jake Smallwood in what was his first line of the evening, and it could not have been more appropriate.  Minutes earlier, the band had to meander through the inebriated crowd as they made their way to stage, getting a taste of the steam generating from what was a sold out gig.

Channelling Storm in Heaven-era Verve along with the psych freak-outs witnessed in The Stone Roses, White Room carry all of the positive characteristics of UK alternative rock, without any of the testosterone-filled pretentiousness often associated with it.

Gargantuan beats were maintained throughout from the rhythm section, giving the audience an obstinate licence to move their feet. This then handed creative freedom to the six-string pair, who then had a licence to experiment with ambitious grooves and riffs; a combination leading to a feeling that the five-piece were on the verge of an intense crescendo at any given time.

The bass drum then took a prominent role halfway through final track ‘How Young To Be A Cynic’, creating an epic soundscape that left the dripping onlookers in awe and giving indications that White Room may be the heir to The Music’s  crown of epic dance rock.

Words by Paul Hill


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