Why Should I Be Excited About… Bitch Craft – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, 24/6/16

The most recent incarnation and attendee to Brighton’s live music scene takes place tomorrow night at Sticky Mike’s, courtesy of five ghoulish witches. What do they give us? Well, it goes by the name Bitch Craft. The night aims to celebrate one fine woman in music every single month, to start affairs who else but Stevie Nicks is to curate the event. Asides from the casual curation, it is a night of glitter, dirty rock’n’roll and the most raucous of dancing. All are welcome, so chaps, you are encouraged to come on down too. The resident DJs are there to spin their eclectic collection of indie, rock’n’roll and 60s garage, celebrating all things guitar. Here’s to the Queens this Friday.

Musically speaking, the headlining of events is taken over by Saint Agnes, fronted by Lola Colt’s Kitty Austen. It’s blues rock’n’roll with an extra tooth sunk in, riveting in it’s style and powerful in it’s lacerating kick, it’s the essential oil in live music. Nothing is timid or afraid about the music whatsoever, it’s the kinda stuff that soundtracks Uma Thurman going into war – give Tarantino a fistful of pills and this is what comes out the other end. Get stuck into ‘Old Bone’ below…

In support on the night are Brighton’s Kurb, a band that have moulded themselves around their recent recording session with John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sparklehorse, Eels), after debuting earlier this year the group are cementing themselves as the sound act that they are. Their sound spans around loose guitars and melodies that drip out of the amp in a  warm slither. The psychedelic whirls rest upon the premise of distinguished phasing before getting cloggy and sticking in your throat like cough syrup, it’s a warm goo to begin the night. A translucent trip on lucidity, certainly enough to get you excited about the night.

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