Review: Fabrica Film Club

Fabrica Gallery’s current exhibition has been complimented by a screening of Enter the Void as a part of their film club.

The installation currently being exhibited is called Luminary, a minimal work of LED light drawings designed from drawings made by elderly people in the Sussex. Inspired by the bright and vibrant piece, the gallery decided to screen Gaspar Noé’s art-house spectacle Enter the Void alongside this exhibition.

This is due to the film’s bright visual style that focuses on the use of neon lights to illuminate large areas of Tokyo at night. Visually the two works have a strong parity as they both employ bright lights illuminated in darkness to create a stark contrast. Thematically the pieces are also similar.

The creator of Luminary, Ron Haselden, said he wanted the piece to reflect his own aging and the lack of space given for the views of the elderly in modern society. Enter the Void on the other hand focuses on a small group of young characters. The protagonist is a small-time drug dealer and user who is killed in a toilet leading to an ethereal journey following his sister and his friends. Both works feel very experimental. Luminary channels the untutored creativity of the elderly bringing us drawings that feel childish, imaginative and fresh.

Noé also employs an almost childish curiosity challenging the very foundations of modern cinema, introducing a first person perspective where blinks occasionally obscure the camera. In concertina these two pieces work well together to emphasis a visual style and creative approach towards art.

The film was screened in German despite the director purposefully shooting the film in English to prevent the need for subtitles, which detracts from the work visually. Despite this, Fabrica Film Club put on an exciting film and creating a interesting contrast with their current exhibition.

Words by James Napleton


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