Gone But Not FURgotten

Back in January Give It Back released an article about all the best new bands to look out for in 2016. FUR were my premiere choice. The boys wrote lovely ditties drenched in a revivalist doo-wop essence with enough psych-sonic experimentation to keep you lulled and hooked to the music. But, what’s more, is the fact that their live shows were fun, disruptive and full of character, so it was no surprise when they began to take flight earlier in the year; appearing alongside Spring King in a show that NME covered and booking all kinds of festival slots.

Now, on the first day of July, their fans are met with a bittersweet parallel. Their latest track, ‘EYES’, has been released with a pleasantly kaleidoscopic video to accompany it. However, FUR have also announced the news that they will be dissolving their group.

‘EYES’ is a soft-spoken and upbeat lullaby with a melancholic undertone, the guitars work well to secure the main melody of the song and blend well with the tell-tale reverb’d vocals of Will Murray. All the makings of a song to compete with their previous releases. I spoke to the two Wills (Murray and Tavener) of FUR to gain some context for the song in lieu of the situation at present…

Murray [On the split]: ‘We just have our differences. Sometimes you just can’t work those things out and you have to go your separate ways.’

Tavener: ‘It really does suck, I’m not going to lie. It’s something we’ve invested a lot of time, love and money into and having it taken away feels so horrible!’

When asked if the new track had any to connection to the way things are with the band at present, they had this to say…

Murray: ‘Well, it was written before we made the decision about the band so it can’t be directly related but it does hold some truths. Sometimes you write songs about things before you even feel a certain way. I think the track can be perceived in a few ways.’

Tavener: ‘The tune was written while tensions were high in FUR so it seems like the right song to release as a goodbye, I think.’

I went on to ask them about what was going to come next…

Tavener: ‘We’re booked to play festivals such as TRUCK festival and Together The People so we’re going to respect that and make those our final shows. But I’m looking forward to starting a new project!’

I am convinced that this will not be the last we hear from any of the boys in FUR in terms of their new musical ventures, but the fact remains that FUR were true up-n-comers and they will be sadly missed. But, with the video released for ‘EYES’, I believe that they have captured the qualities that we will remember; colourful, gentle and sweet.

Words by Harvey Dent