MISS – Kinkajou

‘Kinkajou’ is the third single to be released by MISS from their up and coming EP Do You Feel Electric. It’s pretty safe to say it’s hard to feel anything other than electric when listening to the heavy yet soulful distributions by the synths of guitar and crashing of the drum symbols.

“Can I Make You Stay,” is howled just moments after hitting play. These five words address the significance behind the title Kinkajou, familiarising us with the delicacies that engulf a rock ballad. The indulgence of poetic rhythms and lyrics express how repetition is not a force to be reckoned with. From the deliberate pause for breath to the thick instrumental explosions, the single induces the notions of solidarity. The steady angry beat evokes images of mosh pits on most pits.

Kinkajou has certainly differentiated itself from let’s say, the more solemn side of the EP. Even though the songs ‘Smokescreen’ and ‘Ant vs Elephant’ incorporate the loud vibrations of the electric guitar, Kinkajou raises the bar with the vocalists’ diverse intonations and range of pitch within the new single.

They have successfully displayed the use of control within this musical number. MISS undeniably shows the beauty of simplicity. The hymn of electric infusion, deepness of the bass and light taps of the drum within each verse complement the intensity of the chorus, quintessentially refining the track.

The single will be released on July 11th and, on Saturday 13th July MISS will be playing a “Kinkajou Single Launch Party” at The Garage. You can also find MISS in Brighton on Saturday 13th August at the Hope and Ruin.

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