DaDa /// Premiere /// ‘The Pigeon Conspiracy’


I haven’t got caught up in music like this in a while.  The flamboyant, story-telling type that creates fictional narratives of love, pain and despair all within your own mind.  A malleable soundtrack that will suit the needs of your every-day moving picture if you will.  It’s grooving, it’s meaningful and more importantly there’s some killer hooks.  The music in question comes from London based DaDa who are set to release their EP ‘The Pigeon Conspiracy’ this Friday.  A refreshing bunch, these guys are creating laid-back, punchy fusions of rock ‘n’ roll that will surely lure you into a comfortable state of reception in which to fully be open to the core messages of their music.  Lyrical topics that cover a range of issues ranging from the plasticity of modern-Western society (Modern Twat) to our place in the unfathomable grandeur of the cosmos (Home), this is music that has pack behind its punch.  Black Horse mean-whilst is a reflection of their record collection no-doubt, basking in the glorious sounds of QOTSA, The Strokes and Nirvana but by no means sounding clichéd nor exhausted, this is very much music that will stand-out in 2016 when an explosion of out-and-out quality rock ‘n’ roll is in dire need to kick some life back into a society that has gotten so overwhelmed by recent events. DaDa, through their musical ethos are displaying a simple banner: always think, always have purpose but insist that you always have fun.  Check them out tomorrow night at The Finsbury where they will launch the EP and have you sailing off in-to the night, heading home in your imaginary convertible, jet liner or whatever grand pictures their rock’n’roll tones will infect your mind with.

Pre-Order The Pigeon Conspiracy right here. Released by Black Wire Music. Free entry to the launch – you’d be a fool to miss it.

The full EP can be streamed, enjoyed and marvelled at right now…


DaDa social links:






Words by Robbie Cully



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