Ditz – EP-1: Review and Stream

DITZ, quite frankly, make hitz. A few months back they treated us to their first ever recorded track, ‘Rupert Grint’. A charmingly demented piece, ‘Rupert Grint’ laid down the basis for what we could expect of DITZ; noise, pseudo-social lyricism and rhythmic grace. Now in our post-Brexit dystopia, DITZ have released their debut EP, EP 1 (meta-humour), which promises anger, nonchalance and atmosphere. We managed to get a sneaky preview of this EP and we’re going to exploit that fact by doing a track-by-track review. Strap in, it’s about to get DITZ-y.

I Am Chris Martin – This EP beckons its wake with the opening 20 seconds of the first track; we’re greeted with a fuzzy repeater sound that can’t really be placed instrumentally. Ominous in its ambiguity, the introduction could be a repeated and fuzzed up guitar noise or potentially a greenwood-esque modular synth sound. The swirling cacophony quickly increases its frequency cutoff and shifts into one of the fastest and grittiest grunge riffs you’ll hear this year. The vocals, clear yet disturbed, are reminiscent of spoken words contemporaries yet focusing the reticle on the introspective and violent words of the vocalist, raw and uncut but intelligent in execution. Much like their first release, the title of the first track on ‘EP 1’ seemingly has very little to do with the lyrical content of the song but hey guess what? It doesn’t matter.

Two – This tune proceeds exactly how you want it to. The over-fuzzed and hell-paced bass notes at the start kick off the arrangement with attitude and foreboding intentions, amalgamating in a noise not too dissimilar to The Stooges if they took even more speed. The vocals are, again, worded yet poignant. The best feature of this track, in my opinion, is the fact that DITZ have added calm, tremolo and reverb heavy interludes between the mayhem that their ensemble provides, it takes you by surprise but ultimately leaves you feeling like you’ve heard something totally and unequivocally original, that and the fact that the song ends with a programmed set of melodies amongst old radio excerpts and oscillating frequency noises. Delicious.

No Thanks, I’m Full – The final track on EP 1 opens, now expectedly, with the fast-paced ferocity of an athletic Rhinoceros. Despite, this, the melodic and rhythmic changes in the song are numerous, dynamically dropping down to near silence (with exception for the bass) only to build into a fuzzy overdriven audio-based Jackson Pollock painting of noisy, oscillating distortion with a heart-pounding rhythm section providing the framework for the fuzz loaded craftsmanship.

Overall, DITZ have provided a characteristically strong EP with their own unique forms of songwriting implemented into each track, so that we remember what DITZ do, and why they do it well. For example, the vocals remain spoken and short-lived in each of these tracks. The bottom line is this; DITZ’s ‘EP 1’ is one of the fastest, fuzziest and more thought provoking records that I’ve heard this year. With show bookings coming out of their ears, you’d be treating yourself by seeing them live and downloading ‘EP 1’. I’ll be ironing to this record for moths to come.

Words by Harvey Dent

Listen to EP-1 here: https://ditzband.bandcamp.com/album/ep1


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