BOO – Diamond Feelings /// Download Today

Battery Operated Orchestra better known under moniker ‘BOO’ are back with new single ‘Diamond Feelings’, a idiosyncratic piece of music which can surely provide you with #MondayMotivation as they say nowadays.  The track, clocking in at just over four minutes is a reminder that synths can be fun, creative and quirky, elements that have been neglected in modern years under the explosion of pulsating EDM, harder edged techno and textural house styles.  A husband and wife combination, the innate chemistry from such a circumstance has being transferred to their creative output it would seem, with the track containing a charming blend of contrasting sounds that gel well together under this unison.  The cohesion isn’t just confined to the musical content however; check out the accompanying music video to see that there is very much a correlation between audio choices and visual references.  Layered, multi-take vocals are highlighted by a multi singing Brigitte in the video, whilst colour schemes and the over-all production of the video ties in well with music due its simplistic but distinct recurring patterns.  As a group who profess that their music is ‘irony free’ it is hard to know whether this in itself is tongue-in-cheek and entirely ironic when there is a satirical theme running through the track from its ambiguous lyrics to its familiar sounding 80’s pop/electronica.  By no means a deterrent, it’s nice to be fronted with music that may have a bit of subtext.  Self-produced, artistically assured and backing up their synth connoisseur claims with some fantastic and engaging sounds, ‘Diamond Feelings’ suggests that upcoming album Radiation will be entirely worth the listen.  Pre-order it and you’ll get Diamond Feelings alongside first single ‘The Sea’ to download immediately.


Download the single for free right over here:



Pre-order Radiation:


Words by Robbie Cully

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