Getting To Know You… BITCH CRAFT

Are Brighton’s garage-fuzz-psych-rock events too male-dominated, edgy, dark, sweaty and cigarette-breathy for your tastes? Are you annoyed that rock’n’roll divas are famed for being “totally one of the dudes” instead of showing us a genuine female perspective? Did you think BITCH CRAFT was the name of an anarcho-socialist soap-manufacturing collective? To set the record straight and explain what goes on behind the scenes of Brighton’s youngest night, held every last Friday of the month at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, we had a chat with Polly Miles!


What is BITCH CRAFT? Your page says it’s a night set to happen on the last Friday every month – does that include live bands? DJs? Both?

Bitch Craft is a new monthly night which takes place last Friday of the month down at Sticky Mike’s Frog bar. There’s a lot of glitter, visuals, decorations, live music from bands across the world and kick-ass BITCH CRAFT DJs, who spin a range of psych, 60s, rock, garage, indie, pop, fuzz, doom, disco, etc.

Who is in BITCH CRAFT? And how did you get together?

BITCH CRAFT is a collective of girls from around the south coast who either DJ, play in bands, make things look pretty and some just damn right babes. The idea was to have something more appealing to women; we all go to gigs, we all like music and we know what it can be like, so we wanted to create a sassy, but safe environment for everyone to enjoy, more so the girls.

What motivated you to start a night celebrating the female population of rock specifically? Do you think that women are in any way marginalized in the public appreciation of traditionally male rock culture?

The fact that there isn’t anything like this already in Brighton, yet there are some amazing women involved in many of the aspects of music and art, who have good taste in music and quite often get over looked. A lot of live rock music gigs and club nights are very male-dominated, so we wanted to offer something up for the ladies. It’s getting a lot better now, but rock culture is very male dominated in all areas and has been for a long time.

Is there an underlying political/feminist message to the project? Also, are guys welcome?

With a night like this there would have to be, but we don’t want it to be to in your face and scare people away. It’s an all genders night, but want it to come without the prejudgement of a “female” run night.

How did the first night go?

The first night couldn’t have gone any better, people were dancing and the bands were amazing. although WE NEED MORE GIRLS!!! It was a little bit of a sausage fest, that’s why we need you ladies to come and show us your support and prove that it’s not a male dominated area.

Taking place at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, I wonder, is BITCH CRAFT in any way a continuation of Late Night Lingerie?

It’s not and we don’t want it to be really, LNL was it’s own thing, as with this, the only thing similar is that it’s on the same night.

Do you have any difficulties finding female-fronted bands? Is it a requirement for the project?

At the moment it’s not been too bad, but we’ll wait and see. I’ve certainly discovered a lot of new bands with ladies in, I never knew existed, they are out there, you just need to do a bit of digging. We’re not restricting ourselves to having females somewhere in all the bands that play, but it is preferred, not only that – we want to make it equal for everyone and let the guys have some fun too.

Can you tell us anything about future BITCH CRAFT events? What to look out for?

We already have some exceptional bands and DJs lined up from all over the world and at different levels. I’m super excited unleash what we’ve got planned, but we’re not giving too much away.


To stay up to date with future BITCH CRAFT events, follow their facebook page:

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