Tuval – By The Sea


A true melodic Baroque-pop tune that dips in and out of a pirate-like swagger through dreamy love vibrations. This song is reminiscent of Noel Gallagher post-Oasis, such is the level of maturity and composure in this tune – yet that completely belies the fact that this is no middle-aged former rock’ n’roller, but that of a 19-year-old. This to me shows that Tuval is worth keeping an eye on. If this is just the just the start of his career – then what is yet to come?

I love the blend of folky violins and the more classical rock guitar sound, with the former very much giving a soothing feeling to the lustful guitar. For me, ‘By The Sea’ conjures up an image of a ship sailing through a storm, yet there is no panic and everything is under control. The dreamy sense of calm is reached as it arrives in harbour where the sailor’s lover is waiting for him.

As the title suggests, it is obviously Tuval’s intention to conjure up evocative images of being by the sea yet even without seeing the title, it would be rather difficult to ignore the obvious sea related imagery. This is highly impressive if the title infact came before the music was written it would suggest that we have stumbled upon a very talented artist indeed. Tuval’s execution of such music is seemingly effortless.

Words by Jack Moore

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