Brothers Rasputin – Been Meaning To Say

Funk and Brit-pop have merged together and somehow managed to sound fantastically fresh.  London’s favourite funk-soul sociopaths Brothers Rasputin have dropped new single ‘Been Meaning To Say’, an entire record which just screams fun.  Heavily steeped in funk rock, this song  easily fits the mould of hey-day 90’s Britpop, with its ‘don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously’ attitude coupled with tongue-in-cheek humour that still manages to retain a real sense of arrogance and attitude typically associated with many of the flamboyant – and sometimes yobbish – Britpop characters.  However you have to give Brothers Rasputin a lot more credit than these over-used and clichéd comparisons. In fact, it contains more melody than what we often found in banal faceless swagger of Britpop whilst it perfectly blends sounds from funk-rock and madchester baggy without sounding too forced or repetitive.

Take their brilliant use of the electric organ, something which has been rather neglected in rock music or more-over, often done badly, yet here it serves as a refreshingly spiky addition to the mellow funk heartbeat of the track.  The high energy also means that it is a track that is easy to listen to, winding us in to dance along and ensuring that it would not sound out of place in the early hours of a hedonistic weekend.  Lyrically though is where the song is perhaps most engaging; as an expression for those who want to move on and progress in their lives as highlighted by the singer’s enthusiasm despite living in a busy metropolis. There is a slight ambiguity in the lyrics, which of course makes the interpretation subjective, however much like the musical elements  it means that ‘Been Meaning to Say’ works so fantastically well as a multi-genred/multi disciplined record tapping in to what you – the listener – wants to pick up on.

Catch ’em live tomorrow night at the Finsbury pub. FREE ENTRY

Words: Jack Moore

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