Why Should I Be Excited About… Porshyne, Wild Cat Strike and Soul Of A Leader – Brighton Electric, 29/7/2016

It’s Friday, you want to get drunk and you want to catch one of Brighton’s mammoth bands make their big return? Right. We thought so too. Next Friday (29th) Brighton Electric swings open its doors once more for live music and Porshyne are set to top the bill, making their long awaited and majestic return to forefront. It’s only £3 too as well. Two pints in Pav Tav, essentially.

Porshyne, if you did not know, spread their musical wings around the realms of heavy atmospheric rock. It’s a cataclysmic piss up between Jeff Buckley, Mogwai, Radiohead and Tool. Thom Yorke gets on Jeff’s shoulder and knocks the PA over – it’s all sweet though. Guitars dance around one another with a rhythm section holding the whole damn thing together. Don’t pass this up, they have been hiding away for a while and are set to return with an array of new material and skull-numbing riffs. Their giant footprint in Brighton’s music scene has been sorely missed for quite a while so we sure as hell can’t wait to see it back.

Wild Cat Strike second-up proceedings and here’s their definition: Wild Cat Strike (‘waɪld ‘kæt ‘straɪk) n. 1 The feeling of folk-like intension with aggressive execution 2 The experience of immersion in sound 3 The manic shift between harmonious beauty and cacophony: Wild Cat Strike is going to be releasing a new EP entitled ‘Attentive Blood’. [<Lat. ferus cattus inpello] Synonyms; None. Yup, we’re still trying to figure it out but after catching them before at various Small Pond Presents events, their execution of such immersive alt-rock is blood spellbinding.

Soul Of A Leader are first on, founded in 871AD by Vikings in Hull, Yorkshire. Often described as a dressing-up box of braces, Haribo’s fizzy cola bottles and Cholula Hot Sauce. Writing and recording in an environment of skinheads, blue-bearded postmen and munya; it’s a take on Primal Scream, The Dentists and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.


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