Lunar Quiet – Ambien

Drenched in heavy gothic rock comes the latest single from Lunar quiet, ‘Ambien’. Sounding as if it has come straight from the emerging post-punk scene of the early 80s, this record would not feel out of place if it were added to a playlist including only this and songs from The Cure’s boundary-pushing album ‘Pornography’. In fact, The Cure comparisons are simply unavoidable to anyone even mildly a fan of the band. However what I find most surprising is the high level of quality in the song. This may be a very bold statement to make, but this is a record which I any gothic-rock would be proud of and I don’t say such things lightly.

This record is laced from start to finish with a dense fog of guitars and haunting vocals, like a ghost venturing the mist or someone crying out in despair. It allows the mind to conjure up its own unique images as to the story that exists within the song. Although this is hardly a happy go lucky song, it really never needs to be as it captures your attention and drowns you in mystery and complex emotions. It allows curious thoughts to transpire and that is something that a pop song could simply never even hope to come close to. This is why ‘Ambient’ is such a fantastic song.

Words by Jack Moore

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