Clever Thing – In a Tissy

A thunderous modern canvas of blues rock is what you get from this new release by Clever Thing. ‘In a Tissy’ is brilliantly attitude filled, cool and a sexy kind of rock n’roll, very reminiscent of a Jack White post-White Stripes project. With Dead Weather comparisons in particular being worthy of a mention, this is a very fresh sounding rock song.

It’s hard not to enjoy the buzz you get from ‘In a Tizzy’ as the high energy swagger really rubs off on you and leaves you wanting to jump around in a maniacal manner. I get the feeling that this would be an absolute cracker live and would definitely get the crowd going, although I imagine the moshpit would be quite some scene and sure to ‘get sticky’.

About two-thirds of the way through, this song slows right down and becomes a rather dreamy piece. This is surely a must for any blues rock or garage rock fans out there yet I very much believe that this could appeal to a wider audience due to the fun nature of this sweet & spunky record.

Words Jack Moore


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