Getting To Know You… M O S E S

Shot by Mike Kapoval
Way back in what feels like a millennia ago (around May time) we seen M O S E S at Camden Rocks and to be honest they were awesome. Crooners with a whole lot of ballsy swagger yet just enough dignity to ensure they didn’t thread over the arrogant line, the band played a blistering set that got our heads thrashing and our mouths lip-syncing with the lyrics bound-up in their many sing-along moments during the set.  Seasons have changed a little since then from pissin’ rain morning, noon and night to pissin’ rain non-stop… however as its sunny, our cycle has been shattered and made us think ‘I wonder how M O S E S have been progressing?’. So we gave ’em a shout, asked them a few brief questions and hey-ho here you go.
M O S E S, how are you guys keeping? It’s been a pretty busy schedule since we caught you at Camden Rocks it seems – fill us in what you guys been up to?
Hey, Robbie! Well, it did get pretty busy indeed and a lot of amazing people teamed up around our band. So we’re all very excited about this!
We also toured for the first time, supporting The Virginmarys, which was awesome, playing amazing venues throughout the UK and just having that full on the road experience, every day another city kind of feeling. This part when you start building and you get to witness people’s reactions while first listening to your music is probably the best.  It’s such a wonderful and genuine connection, that you can’t compare it to anything in the world.
So yes – it’s been a busy awesome time!
Sounds great. So what’s the plans in terms of new music – any releases forthcoming? 
That’s a big YES! We’re preparing to release our first official single ever, our first video and our first EP, which will also be available on vinyl. So we’re getting ready for quite an eventful autumn with a lot of news. Can’t leak any info yet about dates or other details, but stay tuned. It’s all coming very soon.
We see you’re shooting a new video, you guys been getting any acting tips from the pros or just struttin’ your stuff au natural? 
Always au natural, Robbie! Always! Too much build up already in this world. It’s time to get back to genuine.
When we seen you live you play out of your skin. There’s clearly a lot of enthusiasm on your behalf.  What venue in London has housed the best reception towards you?
That’s a tough one. It’s quite difficult to choose, as it’s not necessarily about the venue. We just love playing live – that could be anywhere! All you need is music, someone playing it and someone listening to it. It’s the connection that matters most and that was amazing at each and every single gig we did so far, be it Barfly, The Black Heart, Electric Ballroom, KOKO London or O2 Academy.
We do have a thing for huge crowds, though… Didn’t play Wembley YET, but we’ll definitely let you know how we feel about it afterwards
Has Brexit affected your music in anyway? It has of course been such an inescapable topic in national conciousness – do you see your music as a means of escape i.e. a way to forget about it all or do you feel now as artists you should address the situation?
Brexit was a huge thing. It was about people, emotions, home, stability, safety, friendship, family. It was a question of trust that made everybody raise a big question on all these core elements that define us as individuals. The world is changing and artists will always be there to lead the way with their subtle and beautiful creations. We are proud to be musicians in such times and reaching out to people through our songs.
Have you guys got your ears cast eagerly over any other London acts? 
There’s so much going on in London, so diverse and so good that one cannot put a finger on it. We shared the stage with so many talented London bands since we started gigging a year ago, that it would be unfair to only name a few.
What gents! Thanks guys.
Catch the guys on the 16th of September for their next show at Tooting Tram and Social.
In full swing for Sofar Sounds with Nathan Connolly of Snow Patrol
Words by Robbie Cully

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  1. Just a shame that they’ve changed the band line-up without letting anyone know! I thought they were all about ‘friendship’, totally lost that vibe! Another one bites the dust to the corporate machine


      • have you seen them live recently? they used to have the best bass player (pretty easy on the eyes too) and last time I saw them there was some some random guy playing with them. he was in a recent photo too, pretty obvious they’ve changed up the band without mentioning it. All seems very weird to me! still playing the same old songs though


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