Why Should I Be Excited About… Night Beats, The Younger Lovers and Blue Spectre – The Haunt, 8/9/2016

Thursday the 8th at The Haunt will bring about a reckoning. The lineup fits succinctly like the pieces of a puddle, a muddy puddle. Following the release of their album, ‘Who Sold My Generation’, Teen Creeps present Night Beats accompanied by two hard-hitting support acts that are more apt than that shirt you wear to family functions.

The first band on the list are Blue Spectre, it’s pretty clear that the guys at Teen Creeps love this band and with good reason. Poised to pounce on an audience equipped with great guitar harmonies, impeccable timing, classic keys sounds and surf scales so surfy that they might as well be liquid; Blue Spectre are well versed in grabbing the attention of an audience and never letting go.

Sandwiched in the middle are The Younger Lovers. Formerly a collaborator of Seth Bogart (of Hunx and His Punx) in Gravy Train, Brontez Purnell’s latest outfit, The Younger Lovers, are working hard to exploit the sweet spot between punk and poetry. Armed with long verses of seemingly endless yet delightfully insightful lyricism, Purnell will take you on a journey. Not only this, but the keen variety of musical complexity is enough to keep your mouth watering also, an example being the offbeat drumming on ‘The Boy From Leeds’ that makes the track almost over lap into ska. Refreshing.

Standing proud at the top of the lineup are Night Beats. Night Beats seem to eloquently and effortlessly mix and blend genre in order to gain a sound that seems violently new but lovingly familiar. For example, songs like ‘Sunday Morning’ ordain tight, machine like percussion that hails back to drum sounds not too dissimilar to the Stone Roses at the their finest and not to mention the  authentic sounding guitar delays that seem reminiscent of the 50’s surf sound. An interesting and enthralling amalgam to listen to. However, other tracks place Night Beats firmly in the pillowy hold of psychedelic guitar, yet still retaining their vintage sonic fingerprint. Think late Beach Fossils fronted by Nick Allbrook. 

All this being said, the only true way to know what’s what and who’s who is to experience it all first hand, in real life, like really real life. At The Haunt.

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