VIDEO PREMIERE: Skinny Milk – Run


Video premieres are fun, aren’t they? What better way to introduce a band! Skinny Milk are a freshly formed outfit straight out of January this year – a year that will otherwise be known to history as a pretty poop one.

As the UK embarks on a quest to become even more of an island and celebrities struggle not to die too much, Skinny Milk reach out to garage-psych music fans with a self-titled EP to remind us that the scene is alive and well, that there will be no budget cuts and that the darker fringes of heavy psychedelia are still hiring. As the introductory sample from an old-timey PSA about LSD has to say, the liquid may be flavourless and colourless at first, but oh boy you’re in for a ride, just wait until the music kicks in! With trippy visuals of dancing Bollywood midgets, colourful squares on the tips of many tongues and a little shot of Ken Kesey, Skinny Milk come barrelling down a bass-heavy chocolate tunnel (oh, yeah, Gene Wilder died as well) of distorted vocals and dirty riffs. It’s unrelenting, fast-paced and darkly optimistic. Sit back, watch the video and try not to scream.

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