Goat // Coronet Theatre // 18.10.16

Goat are back on October 7th with their third album, Requiem. The album is a Scandinavian swarm of world instrumentals, psychedelic musings and Latin rhythms. It opens with breezes of birds tweeting in nature before crashing through various rabbit holes of musical influence. The Swedish group, who insist on hiding behind skewed personalities and mysterious enigmas, have created an album that is perhaps their most accessible thus far. In comparison to their previous two efforts, the album loses any sheds of darkness, instead finding root in the optimistic and free.

With this in mind, the visual tour-de-force that the band so appealingly bring to the eye will be on full vibrant display in London’s Coronet Theatre  come Tuesday the 18th in what promises to be perhaps one of the most esoteric performances the 137 year old venue will have ever hosted in its long history.  As a group who are incompatible with any notions of the mundane, their live show is an acutely illustrated performance of what we hear on record, so much so, that both the grand visuals and diverse audible elements seem to blend together with a chaotic yet ordered position of beauty.  If you’re a fan of the soundtrack, don’t miss seeing the narrative being played out.


Coronet Theatre: Set to close in 2017 due to London’s ever rising gentrification problems

Words: Tom Churchill & Robbie Cully


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