Why Should I Be Excited about The UnScene -Nambucca, Holloway Road – 2/11/2016

When countercultural movements sweep through the city, many people can miss the point and often attempt to capitalise on a scene. Nowhere better is this seen than within music. Music, as we all know, is an art of expression that often brings with it trends, fashions and attitudes and certain people look to make the most of this, ultimately turning it in on itself like some sordid plastic caricature. The UnScene aims to undo that.

Sick of pay to play scams for bands? Sick of bog standard, half-arsed promoters? The UnScene begins on November 2nd at Nambucca, Holloway Road and looks to shift that somewhat. Here, bands have complete control of their artistic freedom and ultimately, the show itself. They’re not here to take anything back, but they are hear to start something new and set a new precedent.

Featuring at the first night are Grin By Growl – a post-rock, glam-rock mashup; once described as The Kills playing Joy Division. With this image in mind, imagine Bernard Sumner and Ian Curtis getting all flustered and seductive with one another onstage and you’re about there. Alongside them are Useless Cities, Tall and Marcus Pike.

It’s all so fucking free as well so don’t miss out.



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