GURU Single Premiere – ’64 Melbourne

Today is a special day. Today we have been given the exclusive right to premiere a single. But not just any single. GURU are the latest in all things fuzzy, colourful and deep (much like their artwork). Working as a self sufficient unit, their single, ’64 Melbourne, comes recorded and produced by their own bassist and perhaps that’s what gives ’64 Melbourne its honest and raw sound, a sound that is offset by its home-baked, oven-fresh goodness.

GURU have placed themselves firmly into the genres that they fit best with this tune. Sounding like the lovechild of Black Sabbath and King Gizzard, ’64 Melbourne attacks with driven ferocity only to subside into refrains of half-time chill-doom, adding dynamic tension to their already engaging track. Rhythmically, the band glue together like an Airfix model plane, taking off with fury on its first flight. The drums are reminiscent of late 80s jungle-punk, think Blood Sugar era Chilli Peppers. The real dynamo for ’64 Melbourne is the opening guitar riff, played with energy and without fear it acts as the opener for GURU’s exhibition of what Brighton’s psych-grunge outfit have the potential to create; eager, stylistic and profound.

’64 Melbourne is all you need to be listening to this week. Catch them live at The Quadrant on the 30th of November.

Words By Harvey Dent


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