Escapists // Animals

London outfit Escapists dropped the monstrous ‘Silence’ on us a few weeks back and needless to say we were impressed; determinately unfolding at a hazy pace, the track envelops its listeners with waves of distinguished synths, marking it as a both an intrusive and compelling song but with no aggression nor pretentiousnesses. Sister track ‘Animals’ meanwhile provides the perfect ying to the yang of ‘Silence’ which upon hearing it would oddly be better suited to hold the title of ‘Silence’, as it is a song filled with emotional poignancy altogether marked by those intricate gaps of stillness between the ensuing piano notes.  Written as a type of empathic understanding of people’s experiences in hospital waiting rooms, the lyrics point to some deep philosophical questions that we perhaps all share in our daily lives.  Take the main refrain towards the climax of the track which voices ‘We’re just lusting after life, it’s such a long time coming’, which resonates with the idea that many of us perhaps don’t embrace life as and when we have it, instead realising in traumatic circumstances that what we were lusting after was in-fact there all along. ‘Animals’ is played with such tenderness that one feels they should be listening with their ears pierced up against the speakers to hang on-to every audible decaying note left behind from the keys or from the delicately picked guitar. Whilst there is a minimalistic feel to the song’s instrumentation it is not to say that there aren’t moments of real textural quality.  The interplay between the rhythmic palm muted guitar and the straight hits of the pianos are soothing whilst the little fills from drum machines and delayed synths make a sparse track sound abundant.  A real tear-jerker that manages to provide some light despite the sombre tones.

Words by Robbie Cully

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