Shevek – Jonasstrasse EP

As the high-rise lights of distant London edifices become ever more ambiguous beneath this polluted skyline, the expansive sounds of Shevek clear the away the blight to provide us with a warm sigh of relief.  Composed and and eloquently performed (alongside the helping hand of others), the music of Shevek is a project by singer and guitarist Tristram Bawtree, otherwise better known through his work as part of London group Eyes & No Eyes.  The opening track of this, the Jonasstrasse EP, is ‘In Any Other Time’, a lenghty audio segment that oozes with vitality.  Moving along with a rhythmic and almost stammering pulse, it very much sets the tone for what is after all, a body of work that ‘explores the delirium and confusion buried under the surface of a normal life in a big city’ and so it’s as if this stumblin’ beauty reflects the sharp edged purity to be found around London’s rough edges.  Other songs such as the title track ‘Jonasstrasse’ and ‘Purity’ have less luscious textures to their form but are by no means any less substantial in what sounds they do carry. The latter track contains haunting backwards guitar-parts showered in cascading delays whilst the former’s main guitar track shadows the lead vocal in what feels like a sinister call and response between man and his shadow. The stand out track however is the formidable ‘Analysis’ with it’s post-punk aesthetics; driven drums, no-nonsense playing and a vocal with a whole body of verbal dissatisfaction.  This is the track that provides the release of the EP’s narrative.  The suffocation ceases to exist simply because it sounds like three people in a garage, playing, and creating some magic as a way of segregating themselves from the illusion of the city life beyond the four walls outside.

Jonastrasse is out this Friday, the 3rd of February 2017 on ltd edition cassette and digital download.

Stream right HERE


Words by Robbie Cully

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