Rare Devices – Liberate The Farm

From the Orwellian nature of the lyrics to the psychosis of the gain difference in the breakdown, Rare Devices new single, ‘Liberate The Farm’, is one hot potato. With the popularity of doomy riffs and sludgy breakdowns being at an all time high, it can sometimes be hard to recognise when a band are using these tools to their full potential, Rare Devices do, all day along. ‘Liberate The Farm’ begins as it means to go on; fast, hooky and effects heavy. With all the right melodies in all the right places, it’s easy to say that the twisted trio aren’t just another chorus-heavy doom band.

Having seen them perform the single live at The Prince Albert on the 26th of Jan, I can safely say that the band perform with conviction and grace. The thing that surprised me the most about their performance was their proggy cover of a Prince anthem, one of the smartest covers I’ve heard in a while. What was also great to see was the use of all three of their members, vocally. It’s clear that each member of Rare Devices is contributing creatively in a way that some bands can only strive for.

Lyrically, ‘Liberate The Farm’ offsets the pace of the instrumental tracks really well, the vocals are also victim to some top class production techniques that really cement the single in the right genre.

All in all, ‘The Liberate The Farm’ demonstrates two aspects of a band who are doing their thing right; unrivalled band chemistry and smart writing techniques. I strongly urge anyone and everyone to keep their ears pricked for upcoming releases.

Listen to ‘Liberate The Farm’ below:

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