Ezekiel Doo – Doo-Fi EP

A few months ago we posted about Brighton slack-rockers Ezekiel Doo who at the time had just released their debut single, ‘Joyrider’ – now they are back with their debut EP, Doo-Fi, an effort that carries the same Pavement-induced scuzz but spread over six tracks.

Opener, ‘SKRUIN’ embellishes the dark, slightly off-centre grunge grit established on ‘Joyrider’. It occasionally journeys into woozy affairs but never loses sight of what it’s trying to achieve with it’s thunderous ‘Fame Throwa’ scratching guitar. ‘Night Of The Living Airhead’ slows affairs whilst still allowing for the salient guitar feedback to cut underneath. As the song swells and develops the lo-fidelity recording begins to add further texture and character to the track, glitches and buzzes begin to cut in, stopping it from ever becoming monotonous.

‘Jesus H. Christ Had Nothing to Lose’ plays on thudding rhythm sections to drive the sound through, once again, blistering guitars begin to cut through the mix. As a standout on the EP, it precedes three more instrumental cuts that perhaps act as good indicators as to the writing and recording process that the band go through. ‘MJ Versus Dr Stan’ catches glimmers and squeals with voices sampled on top acting like some calling from far out in space with ‘Bau Einer Mauer’ acting as the curtain call for the band.

It’s a brave first effort from the band and shows that Ezekiel Doo have a lot of potential stashed away as a group. I’d be keen to hear how these songs sound with a little cleaning up, perhaps giving a chance to get through to the melodies a little more – nevertheless they are great blueprints for a band being to find their way and grow.

The band play Deadbeat Disco this Friday (April 7th) at The Globe, Brighton and Washed Out Fest on April 15th.

Listen to Doo-Fi below:

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