KookieLou – Salt EP

Lily Wolter, also part of the Brighton dream-pop group Penelope Isles has taken the road less travelled, by this I mean alone. KookieLou, the operative name for the solo project of Lily’s demonstrates her penchant for penning wistful dream-pop classics outside of the band-outfit. The Salt EP is the first taste we have of her material and it is oh, so lovely.

From opener, ‘Airport Song’, a ringing synthesised number that captures the perfect moment of isolation whilst waiting for flights alone through to ‘Underwater Record Store’ – a slack rhythm affair, Wolter shows her knack of crafting radiant melodies. The latter demonstrates that Wolter can transpose the enveloped guitar sounds of her Brighton outfit, Penelope Isles into other projects. The meandering tempo of the track plays with her voice giving it a spiralling dreamlike appearance, a sound generally reserved for only the finest of musicians, those who know how to play with minimalism and tepidness with tact.

Elsewhere ‘1 of 2 (Ode to Belgrade)’ wraps Wolter’s voice within the realms of distortion, adding a touch of character to the picked acoustic strings, all this before the wash of Beach House-esque keys drift in and out. Finally, at the climax of the EP we arrive at ‘Looking for Me / Eyes First’, a track that doesn’t necessarily carry the most memorable of titles suitably touches on other senses as Wolter takes note of the sky, sea and sun. A lovely hazy trip through the environment to close the four tracks and ultimately seal off a fine effort. Certainly one to watch.

Listen to Salt here: https://kookielou.bandcamp.com/album/salt-ep

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