Bigman Solution // Warhorn – Brighter Day // Afghan Kushy Man Preview

Roughly under a year ago, Bigman Solution facilitated the release of Soul Retribution, an aggressive and poetic attack on their world from the inside looking out. Since then they have played a barrage of impassioned live shows with flying tinnies, crowd surfing, naked torsos and a succinct love for Arsenal football club. Fans old and new will be frothing at the mouth to hear that Bigman have returned to the studio, done some button pushing and come out the other end with a couple of blistering new tracks. The tracks are to be released by M8s Records and as such they will be accompanied by a limited edition comic book entitled Afghan Kushy Man, which we at Give It Back have a few cheeky snippets from. Afghan Kushy Man was created and designed by Bigman members Anton and Henry. Dare you care to look inside?


First of all, the attention to detail within the instrumentation of this track and how it coincides with Bigman’s ethos and individual personas is a revelation. From the fuzz drenched guitars to the manic vocal harmonies on the essential lines of MC’d verse to the pure youthful aggression of the drums, Warhorn is really well produced. For example, The distortion on the guitars sounds noticeably familiar to retro 8-bit pixelated tones from the early video games of the 90s. This fits perfectly with the image of Bigman as the band consists of some pretty disenchanted millennials trying to find some peace in an otherwise chaotic world to reach adulthood in. This link to millennial-cultural colloquialisms bodes well for a band that are releasing a home-made comic book, in this sense, Bigman Solution is a band for those who hate pretence and image; Bigman are real.

Warhorn, lyrically, can be evaluated in many ways. I see it as a declaration of conflict against those aspects of life that drive them to create this music. Class division, disillusionment, the generation gap; it’s all there. What I do know for sure is that if the Warhorn has sounded, then Bigman have heard the call.


Brighter Day

Brighter Day makes for a heavier track despite the more hopeful title and subsequent lyrical content. With a slightly withdrawn introductory piece of music, Brighter Day morphs into one hell of a doom-rap track with the introduction of further distorted guitars and somewhat animalistic drum patterns. This track seems to showcase the bands’ influences a bit more, with thudding guitar chugs and lyrical roars later in the track it’s hard to imagine that Bigman haven’t been listening to some heavy doom whilst writing Brighter Day. What can be said for their allusions to influential source material is the amount of creativity that Bigman possess when producing a mix of genres in terms of generating an original sound.

The frontman’s flow of verse in this track can act as a demonstration of originality when referring to how the complexity of lyrics and polysyllabic words don’t have to jeopardise the rhythm at which they are rapped. ‘Despite the view’, ‘Night or two’, ‘Inspiring truth’ and ‘Deciding to’ vary in syllabic content yet are delivered with confidence and the track sounds so unified because of that. It seems to be that Brighter Day takes the negativities of Warhorn and assures the listeners of some kind of redemption, or perhaps a foreboding horizon, somewhat embellished in one of the early panels of Afghan Kushy Man.


Bigman Solution Release Day Gigs (with extremely secret co-headliners):

May 13th – Vinyl Deptford w/ Lazy Pilgrims & For Breakfast

May 14th – Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate w/ Zilinski

May 16th – Hope & Ruin, Brighton w/ Moodhoover

Words By Harvey Dent

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