Premiere: Projector share their thunderous new single ‘Just The Once’


Projector have dispatched their latest single ‘Just The Once’, an obnoxious number that carves through woozy vocals and flickering guitars. It’s a rollocking affair, merciless in its delivery, focused in what it aims to offer and ultimately cementing the three-piece as a force to be reckoned with in Brighton. With a stylistic shift in the breakdown, it cuts through genres with seeming ease thus demonstrating an impressive knack for songwriting.

Speaking about the track, the band says: “We’ve been looking forward to getting Just the Once out for a while, so when Demelza joined we decided to just go into the studio and bash it out. It’s a strange track made up of cycling riffs, constant dual harmonies and a Doors-esque breakdown. A lot of our stuff has become a bit more progressive and developed of late so it’s nice to release something punchy once in a while. It’s been our set opener for a while now because it feels so obnoxious.

You’ll be able to get Just the Once in a couple of ways besides download, including as a part of a limited run of merch boxes we’re making. Each one is individually packaged and designed by us and one is drawn in Lucy’s blood. That one costs double, the rest will be a couple of quid and available at our next shows.”

You can listen to ‘Just The Once’ below, catch Projector at a secret Alternative Escape show this coming May, more to follow on that.


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