Guising – ‘I’m Not the Cause Single’ Premiere & ‘Under the Stones’ Review // 31/05/17

Guising have previously described themselves as ‘yet another three-piece garage rock band from Brighton’, but I’m here to protest that they’re anything but.

With a good understanding of how to vary dynamics in order to maintain pace and interest, they have the uncanny ability to mix aggression and art, where most bands only have one or the other. This ability is exhibited and showcased on their two latest singles, ‘Under the Stones’ & ‘I’m Not the Cause’. The unrelenting energy of the music is counteracted by the intricacies of the melodies of the tracks, making for pleasantly harmonious pieces of music.

The first track, ‘Under the Stones’, is the slower paced of the two, however this is not an indication of lethargy or sloth. Instead, the lower pace and softer dynamic of the intro of the song makes the audience anticipate the eventual explosion of noise of the track. With a slow and open flanger effect on one of the guitar tracks, ‘Under the Stones’ makes a valiant attempt to not be held down by any pre-conceived idea of what ‘Garage Rock’ should be; and succeeds! Another attention-grabbing feature of the track is the sheer force that the vocal is delivered with; awesome.

‘I’m Not the Cause’ acts as a good counterpart song to ‘Under the Stones’. What ‘Under the Stones’ builds in atmosphere and space, ‘I’m Not the Cause’ builds in rhythm and ferocity of playing. With a guitar tone straight from the annals, think early T-Rex, and masterful drum playing, ‘I’m Not the Cause’ makes for an energetic attack on the senses. Again, the vocals on this track are sublime, delivered with power and sit really well in the mix.

Guising have delivered two tracks that any Stooges fan would be happy to listen to. You can catch them at their single release party for ‘Under the Stones’ at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on the 16th of June with GURU supporting for only £3 on the door. You can listen to ‘I’m Not the Cause’ below!

Words By Harvey Dent

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