Moderate Rebels – Proxy EP

Moderate Rebels are a dual-guy, dual-gal combo hailing from London. Having released their EP ‘Proxy’ on June 2nd, the group have a unique approach to showcasing their material live.  Hypnotic strung out passages are ever present through-out the running of the EP, meaning that live, their is capacity for the tracks to expand into a complete sonic mirage and as a result,  Proxy was showcased earlier this month in the form of two separate shows, extended across two 15-minute versions in each set. Pretty cool, huh? And I one for one am sorry for missing these shows after hearing the material.  Lead track ‘Liberate’ is simply a delicious package of strung out pop nonchalance that contains that rare charm that would allow it to simply continue round and round for hours without the listener ever really demanding a change.  The overall groove of the EP is awash with of plenty of colour, texture and trinkets of musical standpoints. ‘Knight Time’ bows to classic Stones with a beautiful blend of jangle laid guitars, snappy drums and backing vocals aplenty.  This is good time music folks. A lot of bands strive to be so free in their output but quite often get over burdened by their own self-sabotage through over-construction and an over-thinking of how to create such a care-free sound. Moderate Rebels appear to be doing it with ease.


Robbie Cully 

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