MY-HI return with their rockapocalyptic muscular number, ‘Cats Play’

 With another sure-footed and muscular single, MY-HI have given the no-bullshit-rock fans in and around Brighton ‘Cats Play’; a rockapocalyptic and riff-heavy juggernaut of a track.

The song itself lavishes in its natural loudness as a result of the four friends madly pulsing in tandem with hard-rock integrity. Strong flavours of Queens of the Stone Age and plenty of Royal Bloodisms permeate the style of ‘Cats Play’, however, those who would call similarity; you should be hearing homage to these pioneers of hard and heavy music.

MY-HI are relatively fresh on the scene and playing loud enough to turn heads from all around and this new single will sit on top of their previous single and stand as the ‘2’ in their impressive ‘1-2 combo’.

Want to know where to see them next? Get the MY-HI live experience down at The Joker, September 7th and like them on Facebook to get more of their gig dates.

Stream ‘Cats Play’ here:

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